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a business flourishes when everyone is valued for who they are


Badass Engagement

An incubator for business leaders

Badass Engagement is a collective of business leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are called and committed to changing the way business gets done. Responding to the zietgiest of our times, we are creating new ways to lead in our businesses — and our personal lives — that are relevant and necessary for our times. BE is an incubator for a new way of relating so that a new way of leading can emerge. We are moving forward, not from a place of fear, but rather from a place of valuing and fortifying ourselves and others with dignity, respect and love.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— Buckminster Fuller


How does the incubator work?

We are collectives of up to 15 members who meet regularly to create professional relationships that embody the global connected-ness of us all. We are fostering the emergence our own leadership for a new future.

Meetings are held at the BE Center in West Berkeley, CA

Meetings have fluid leadership. Our meetings are not dependent on a traditional system of hierarchy. We all take responsibility for participating and leading the meetings. Each week we rotate the roles so that everyone has the opportunity to lead and contribute to the collective. Everyone is expected to take turns as facilitator and participant, and we provide support for each member to step fully into their leadership roles each week.

Meetings are intentionally structured. Our meetings are structured with the intention to up-level your leadership, your business and your life. In community we have created a portal / frequency that challenges what’s holding each person back while simultaneously nurturing our growth edges for the changes we desire. We aren’t here to traditionally sell to one another, we’re here to offer solutions to the challenges we all face in leadership and business. We develop real relationships with one another and we take both ourselves and one another higher and higher as a practice. The BE community has your back and is whole heartedly engaged and invested in your true desires for success, be it in your business, your leadership and your life.

Meetings provide leadership training. We practice powerful tools to implement directly into your business strategies and procedures that help you to solidify your vision while supporting your team to achieve the vision you have . We support you to be the leader that you truly are, but haven’t given yourself permission to BE!

Who are the collective members?

Each collective is comprised of people like you who are looking for a new way to do business together. Every member is valued and fortified for their unique gifts and qualities. The collective is a place where you can feel a strong sense of belonging while holding true to who you are. Collective members agree to the following ideals:

  • You must be open and willing to take risks and grow

  • You must be ready to speak up for what you believe

  • You must be willing to be a leader and a follower

  • You must commit to meeting weekly for two hours

  • You must value being real, no smoke and mirrors allowed


What are the benefits of a collective for change?

  • Gain confidence in your business and your skills as a leader

  • Be inspired weekly and reap the rewards of consistency in your business practices

  • Take risks so you can achieve your goals and desires, professionally and personally

  • Be the Leader that finds joy and fulfillment in the success of clients, employees and colleagues

  • Learn to tap into your inner guidance, allowing yourself to be led by your truth

  • Implement new tools and practices in your business and with your teams

  • Trust that you belong without having to contort yourself to fit in

  • Receive support so that you’re not doing your business life alone

  • Feel empathy for yourself and others, which will make you a much stronger leader

  • Make vulnerability and courage a practice in your business

  • Grow into and beyond what you desire for your business and life

  • Be valued and fortified with dignity, respect, and love

  • Increase your revenue and your ability to reach your ideal clients

How do I join your collective?

We hold weekly meetings at the Badass Engagement Center in West Berkeley. If you are ready to jump right in, click the button below to let us know that you would like to join us for a Wednesday morning meeting:

Meetings run from 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. with an hour Q&A to follow

If you have attended a Badass Engagement meeting and would like to apply to be in the collective, click on the link below. We look forward to learning about you and your business and we welcome your application!