A Leadership Revolution Is Afoot

A Revolution Is Afoot and You’re Invited to be a part of it!!


Let’s create a world where community, connection and being Woke takes the place of competition, doubt and scarcity. Enough of settling, accepting crumbs and just getting by.

A world where we leave a legacy in our leadership and businesses practices that embody self acceptance/celebration, inclusion, radical self-care, and inspiring yourself and others to go higher and higher by speaking and living your truth, creating a New Normal in our world culture.

A world where there is no more burnout, resentment, feeling alone, proving your worth and feeling a sense of powerlessness. Rather we lean into our intuition, trust and faith so that we can let go of the need for certainty and control.

And a world where we see and value one another so that we can tap into our passion as we lead, risk, create and model what’s possible, rippling out to our families, our communities and the world at large - and it is received with love and gratitude.

Here are important distinctions regarding the old paradigm of leadership and a new and relevant form of leadership. Join us in living and leading from this NEW Paradigm!!

New Leadership Paradigm

Prioritize collaboration, joy and pleasure

Be vulnerable

Perceiving complexity and whole-heartedly engaging

Growth through nurturing

Receive and surrender

Connection is the goal

Tap into intuition, empathy and creativity

Be expressive, honest and empathetic

Nurture relationships

Seek community - see and be seen

Recognize the inter-connectedness of everything

Shifting power as dominance to power as love

Engage emotionally

Old Leadership Paradigm - Patriarchal

Nose to the grindstone - work harder, faster, better

Suck it up

Single-pointed focus/goal

No pain, no gain

Entitled and ego-driven

Profit is the goal

Use only logical thinking, data and rationale

Be practical

Got it alone, step on anyone to get to the top

Seek individual achievement

Concerned w/ individual gains not good of the whole

Focused and linear

Don’t feel

(Graph adapted from Mama Gena)

Katie Macks