The Best "YES" Ever

Early this evening when I got home from my centre in Berkeley, I did what I usually do and that is walk my sweet dog Reuben around my neighbourhood. To my surprise, as I was getting to the top of a long hill, I saw my neighbour Bob sitting in his front yard. I haven't seen him in quite a while. Bob’s life changed dramatically as he lost his husband a little over a year ago and then he got sick himself. I have been receiving updates occasionally from neighbours regarding his health, they said he was struggling.

When I saw Bob in his front yard, we waved to each other with huge smiles on our faces. I asked him how he was feeling. He invited me to sit with him in his front yard and I immediately said “yes,” despite a full schedule for the evening. It turned out to be the best “YES” ever.

We had the most amazing talk. We covered a wide range of topics such as life, death, politics, violence against women, LBGTQ life, the impact of the power structures of the patriarch, intuition and love. It was delicious and such an honour to be with him.

Bob informed me that his sight is going and his balance is way off, making it very difficult for him to walk or get around. He told me how much he used to love to read and he offered to lend me a book that he loves on the Presidential Candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I asked him if he had finished the book, and with sadness, he shared he hadn’t. He then shared that he doesn't know if he can finish the book based on what a struggle it is for him to see.

I asked him if he would let me come and read to him. He accepted despite some resistance. He said he would like to try it out and see how he feels. I suggested that it may be time for him to be the KING that he is, and to trust that offerings are a way to honour and contribute to him.

Imagine if I had just waved to Bob, wished him well and continued to walk my dog, with all my thoughts running through my mind of what I needed to accomplish that evening. I would have missed one of the most moving moments of life that pass us by all the time as we focus on all of our “shoulds.”

Saying “YES” to Bob’s invitation to sit with him opened up such a beautiful opportunity for connection, love, intimacy, joy and a rare moment in time with another fellow human being traveling on this journey called life.

These moments are so rich and they give such beautiful meaning to our purpose in life. I believe our purpose is to see and experience the humanity that lives in all of our souls. It is a reminder to SLOW DOWN and let life happen rather than being on the treadmill of life where we’ve been conditioned to push, work harder, do more, and to keep up with this unsustainable pace that seems to be expected of us, to just survive.

I invite you to take the risk to be spontaneous and see what opens up for you in your life. May interrupting your daily ride and routine on the treadmill of life bring you joy, fulfillment, more energy and a reminder of what’s really important when you allow yourself to connect with another being!!

May we all create permission in our lives to say “YES” without any attachment to the outcome.

Katie Macks