You may be asking yourself what is Katie up to with this new opportunity called Badass Engagement? In short, we are a collective of collaborative business leaders and entrepreneurs who are changing the way business gets done. We are leading the transition from our outdated POWER STRUCTURES of the patriarch and we’re ushering in a new paradigm of business practices by valuing and fortifying humanity through dignity, respect and love.

What I mean by dignity is a state of being worthy of honor and respect, a sense 0f pride of oneself; self-respect. In turn, giving and honoring humanity with respect.

With all the turmoil in the world, it has become very clear that we are faced with an opportunity to continue on this path of more of the same, or we can lead the way by ushering in new business practices that are inclusive, collaborative and compassionate. Badass Engagement believes that we must raise our standard for what’s possible in our businesses and our lives.

During this transition in our country and around the globe, we have the opportunity to either buy into fear, fear of the unknown, fear of one another, fear of not having enough, just good ole fear that keeps us distracted from creating “The New Way” that changes everything for the better.

Truth be told we are at a place right now in history where we are seeing the breakdowns in societies everywhere and the masses are looking for that so called  “strong man” to fix what is ours to fix. We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers, or even more prevalent, we blame others for all the breakdowns we are facing. 

Badass Engagement is responding to this Zietgiest, the spirit of the times. I believe we’re here at this time in history to create new tools for our businesses and our lives that are relevant for our times. 

One of the breakdowns we’re facing is we’re still using tools that we been taught to use over the years and yet they’re falling short of addressing how to move all of us forward, not from a place of fear, but rather from a place of valuing and fortifying all of humanity.

We have an amazing opportunity right here right now to write humanities new story!! We are moving from a transactional culture to something so much better. 

Badass Engagement is writing this new inspiring empathy, connectedness and relationship to ourselves and others. Story is what truly connects us all. 

We are moving from the notion of having to convince one another transactionally to creating new relationships that embody the true connectedness of us all. 

Here’s the kicker, if you’re trying to play it safe through these times you will get more of the same and you will be buying into what the powers that be are intending for you. And you know on some level, like so many of us, you’ve b0ught into playing small and yet you’ve been noticing that it really isn’t working anymore. 

The way I see it, is we have two emerging stories, one of which is the story of our global community and the other emerging story is of our own leadership in how we run our businesses and our lives. I believe we are meant to be a part of creating this new emerging story of leadership!! 

In this new story we bridge a new consciousness into the world. We cannot solve our current problems with the same consciousness that created them. 

If you’re ready to put a stake in the ground for making your mark and contribution in world then Badass Engagement is for you. It takes courage to BE who you are called to BE and to lead your team and your business in the new business paradigm.

I know what’s in store for you if you say yes to you and yes to being a part of this movement. You no longer need to be the lone ranger. At Badass Engagement we meet weekly because being together in community consistently is like being at a gymnasium for the soul of your business.

“It’s not about getting your way, it’s about creating the way!!” 

Katie MacksComment