We Are In This Together

Last week at our Badass Engagement meeting I was on what we call the "Seat of the Soul." All eyes and hearts were with me. When on the seat, we have the opportunity to share any challenge we're facing in our business, our leadership, working with teams or personal challenges that are impacting our ability to be successful in any and all areas of our life.

I shared that I've been struggling with feelings of rage and grief for what’s been happening in our country. I shared my heartache about the family separation at the border. I shared about my heartache for the way women are treated in this country and around the globe. Another level of this heartbreak is how women of color are treated. Racism and misogyny breaks my heart. I also have heartache with how we are desecrating the environment, our precious air and water. Sometimes it all feels like too much to bear. 

While in the seat, I realized that there is a part of me that feels powerless to change the course we’re on as a nation. When mired in these feelings of powerlessness I experienced a sense of victimization. I’m sharing this because so many of us are in the same boat, but we do our best to push these feelings away as they are just way too uncomfortable to deal with.

Truth be told, I need to acknowledge these feelings. I choose to embrace them rather than push them away. I am also very clear that I need a community that I can share these feelings with so that I can move the energy of rage and grief out of my body. When I allow myself to move through these unpleasant feelings, I find a new found permission to step into the version of myself that is the true BADASS that I am.

Because I have the container of Badass Engagement, I'm able to express my feelings fully with a group of amazing leaders who hold space for me to get to the other side.

Truth be told, authentic connection with others is an essential nutrient for our soul. We are not meant to just get by and to live in a state of fear and survival. We are meant to rise with others so that we can inspire, uplift, encourage and be the very best versions of who we are meant to BE in this lifetime.

Being connected to one another allows us to witness and to be witnessed in our evolution. This allows us to raise the vibration within ourselves which then ripples out into our businesses and into our lives. This is what allows us to usher in new models of leadership that are inclusive, loving, respectful and dignified.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Buckminster Fuller

If you’re looking for a tribe of like-minded leaders who are changing the paradigm of how business gets done check out www.badassengagement.com. We are replacing the obsolete model of leadership that is clearly broken and meant for few, and we’re replacing it with the relevance of Badass Engagement. 

Please feel free to reach out and look into our Badass Engagement Movement. We are committed to practicing, living and modeling this new paradigm of leadership in our businesses, in our lives and in the world!! This is where life force energy comes alive!! 

"It's not about getting your way, it’s about creating the way!!"