It's Time To Show Up and Lead With LOVE

I carried you with me in my heart this past weekend as I attended a women’s empowerment mastery program in the heart of NYC. 

When I was there it became clearer than ever that we CAN NOT operate in the same ways we’ve been operating, on any and every level, in our businesses, in our relationships and in our lives.

I believe we are being called to RISE together in community and to meet these challenging times so that we can transmute them from "tragical to magical!!”

The latest attack on women’s rights in this country is unjust and unconscionable. It is totally lock in step with the power structures of the patriarch. I am so not aligned with this repetitive act of oppression. In other words, this is a turn off to say the least.

I am however Turned ON by what we have created at Badass Engagement. We are implementing and practicing the new paradigm in leadership that embraces the gifts that we ALL have. We all have some sort of special sauce that lights both ourselves and the world up, and we need you to own that now more than ever!!

We are not going to be able to meet and change what is happening in this country with the same tools that are currently being used. 

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” -Audre Lorde

In order to bring forth change, we must begin with the relationship we have with ourselves. The truth is that most of us are living with deep seated feelings of disapproval, depression, shame and disenfranchisement to name a few, and we’ve been tolerating all of it. The irony of this is it feels normal to most of us and it blocks us from letting our gifts and light shine.

We are so accustomed to dimming our light in hopes of fitting in and being approved of by others. As Maryanne Williamson so eloquently states, we fear our light much more than our darkness. We know our darkness, it’s like putting on a familiar, worn, cozy coat of shame where we can hide, isolate and keep our stories running in our mind's eye.

We know what it feels like to be an outsider, to not belong, to live with shame about who we are, how we look and how we feel in our bodies. Up until now, we have tolerated this lack of light, we’ve been able to hide, no matter how agonising it is. We’ve settled for living in cycles of pain and struggle, but we are not in normal times and our patterns of behaviour that dim our light will not allow us to RISE and set ourselves free from the bondage of our cultural norms. 

To shine our light means we must risk being seen in our glory and in our heartache and everything in between and that scares the shit out of most of us. 

In order to raise our own vibration we must start with how we treat ourselves. What lights you up? Be and Do more of that. What brings you joy and turns you on? Be and Do more of that. 

In order to create lasting change, you must be willing to step into that version of YOU that you’re yearning for, yet you've been putting off in that “someday” fantasy.

Aren’t you ready for something so much BETTER?

“Willingness is what we must have. A willingness to move past shame to get what’s yours, to reclaim your turn on and JOY, no matter the cost.”

In order to RISE to these new Heights, we must learn new practices and put them into action and we must be in community so that we can witness others and be witnessed in order to create a much needed cultural shift in how we view and practice leadership. We have been conditioned to do things on our own and we haven’t gotten so far with that, right…

It is critical to RISE together with our sisters and brothers. To learn more about how you can transform your business and your life, check out

We invite you to join us in July for a meeting that could change your life and the lives of everyone you engage with.

“It’s not about getting your way, it’s about creating the way” 

Katie Macks