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Badass Engagement

an incubator for business leaders


Is your business in alignment with who you really are?

We are at a critical precipice in history as we witness the exposure of breakdowns in our country’s leadership at an unprecedented rate. We have the opportunity to shift from the patriarchal model that emphasizes leading by power as dominance.

Instead of leadership and business based on fear — fear of not having enough, fear of not being good enough, fear of being left behind — we are creating a new way of leading in our businesses and we’re changing the way business gets done.

You may have asked yourself, what do the Geese represent at the top of the page? Geese both lead and follow, there is no hierarchy. They use their energy efficiently in their formation. When the leader gets tired she falls to the back and follows in the draft provided. If one gets sick or injured, two other geese leave the formation with the one in need. They wait until she heals or dies and then they return to the formation together. They take care of one another, they all play an important role as they travel long distances and none are left behind.

Do you experience:

  • going it alone because you don’t trust others will support you or really have your back?

  • backing down from your power and truth to avoid conflict or people pleasing, only to compromise your values to fit in or close business?

  • projecting that you have it all together while privately operating from a place of fear, doubt and lack?

  • Do you compare yourself to others and come up short or do you find yourself feeling superior? Either way you’re wondering why things aren’t working out the way you imagined?

Our collectives provide strategies to solve these issues and whatever else you bring to the table. BE is an incubator for a new way of relating so that a new way of leading can emerge.


You are the leader you’ve been waiting for.

The world needs what you have to offer. . .



Do you want to be part of a thriving community of cooperative leaders?

Badass Engagement is an incubator for visionaries, entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to transforming both our professional and personal lives. We are leading the transition from the outdated, oppressive power structures of the patriarchy (this includes both women and men as this is the only system we know) and we’re ushering in a new paradigm of leadership and business practices that are engaged, inclusive, collaborative, compassionate and pleasurable.

We are inviting people just like you to join us. People who understand that change comes when individuals step up, take risks, and are willing to grow beyond what we currently imagine. The impact of changing the way business gets done ripples out into every area of our lives, the greater community we live in, and the world at large.

The R.O.I. of Badass Engagement:

  • move your business and life from idea to action with accountability

  • rewrite your trajectory and inspire your team to support it

  • claim your power and step into the full version of YOU

  • shift from power = dominance to power = love

  • stop suffering in alone-ness and thrive in your tribe

  • experience more balance in all areas of your life

  • incorporate empathy for yourself and others, making you a stronger leader

  • move from doubt to intuition and enjoy the ride

  • increase revenue through expanded view of what’s possible

  • infuse your business with renewed joy


Our destiny is to rise . . . together


Business thrives on shared resources and the unique value of each individual. We thrive in an environment of a shared vision, collaboration and love.

Be part of our movement to re-write humanity’s new story as we move from a transactional, me focused culture where we know power as dominance to a new paradigm where business and life are measured by your connections, your ability to collaborate, while foucsing on what brings you pleasure and joy. The impact and fulfullmet that comes from this new way of relating and leading with POWER as LOVE, takes you higher and higher allowing you to inspire others to go higher and higher with you. This new paradigm, POWER as LOVE, is the elevated change so many of us have been yearing for.

Visit our next open meeting on July 31 and every Wednesday following!!

“I have been so inspired by Katie Macks’s vision for a new type of leadership through Badass Engagement (BE) that values authenticity, vulnerability and love over the old model of leadership that, until now, has sustained power, competitiveness and “looking good”. I have grown exponentially and I am now willing to face, own and discuss both the gains and obstacles in my work; vulnerability has become a no-brainer. In fact, this vulnerability and disclosure has even attracted new business as people get to know me and experience my relatability.

—Nan Foster, Health Coach, Marin CA


Free E-book

Download a copy of Katie’s chapter from a book called The Change, by Jim Lutes and Jim Britt. A compilation of essays from authors with insights into self-empowerment, The Change is a book from thought leaders from CEO Space. Katie was invited as a contributing author of this book in 2016.